The standard american diet and our stressful lifestyles are making us sick.

The same old thinking will get you the same old results - it's time for a new way of thinking.


Do you find it hard to lose weight no matter what you try?

Are you developing belly fat, love handles and "man boobs"?

Do you crave sugar and carbohydrates? 

Do you suffer from low energy and low sex drive?

Is your mind losing it's sharpness and focus?

Your life does not have to be this way - I can help you change all of this

Regain your energy, increase your sex drive, clear out the brain fog 

and break the cycle of diabetes -

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​Have you Been told you are insulin resistant or diabetic?


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​​​ Overly processed, sugar laden foods, our toxic environment and our stressful lifestyles are taking a toll on everyones health.  Pre-diabetes and type II diabetes are on the rise at epidemic rates.  

The majority of pre-diabetics are insulin resistant and don't even know it.  If not detected and reversed they are at great risk of serious health consequences.  A traditional medicine approach often fails to catch the early signs of insulin resistance and often intervenes only in the later stages of insulin resistance when there is an impending risk full blown type II diabetes. 

Traditional medicine is a reactionary approach to health ​usually relying on treating symptoms with a drug, invasive surgery, radiation or toxic therapy and has been the norm for many years.  While this approach is absolutely vital in acute care it is limited in what it can offer in treating and reversing chronic disease. Type II diabetes is a chronic disease and one that has serious debilitating symptoms even if treated with medication.  What your doctor may not know is that insulin resistance and even type II diabetes CAN be treated and reversed.  It is absolutely in your control. 

I use a functional medicine that takes a natural approach to health and reversing disease by optimizing the healthy function of your bodies systems. This approach helps prevent and reverse the advancement of diabetes, fatty liver, low testosterone, dementia, sleep disorders, autoimmune disease, poor digestive function and much more

I focus on helping you learn radical self care to intervene and take charge of your health to free you from the grip of this debilitating disease.  We will do a comprehensive health history and evaluation and work together to tailor the right program for your unique body. You will experience improvement in your digestive function, sleep patterns, liver function, headaches, joint discomfort, bloating, low energy, brain fog, food allergies, diet and your relationship  with food.

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