5 Everyday Toxins You Can Live Without

Is taking pills and hoping for the best just not good enough?

After Cancer Treatment

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*Exhaustion *Hormone Imbalance

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Aloha my name is Deborah

I've been on both sides of the health care system, as a nurse for over thirty five years and as a two time cancer surviver. Both times after the initial treatment was complete, I've had many sleepless nights worrying about every ache, pain and strange lump, no matter how "normal",  is a sign the cancer had returned.  Living with this fear and helplessness wasn't getting any better as I went to my doctors and was told to basically take my prescription medication and hope for the best. I knew there had to be more I could do.

Studying functional medicine and learning how to rebalance my hormones, address nutritional deficiencies and improve my health through lifestyle changes was the "more" I was looking for.   Not only did I start feeling better but I actually learned what I could do to improve my own health and reduce the chances my cancer would return.  The most  important change was I was in control again. I now have a passion to share that information with you.  



You can healyour body

YOU CANTHrIVEnot just survive 

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Integrative Breast Health Specialist 


You do not have to do this alone

​Deborah Beaumont, Advance Practice RN   

Functional Medicine

Traditional medical approaches are based on disease and symptom management. There is a time and place for these approaches but in chronic, ongoing health conditions it is often inadequate to manage symptoms or to actually help someone get better and reverse disease.  All to often there is a cycle of more and more treatments and prescriptions that often create a downward spiral in someone’s overall health.
Many of the health problems people suffer from such as brain fog, low energy, depression and fatigue are not addressed by prescriptions.  These symptoms are often a result of underlying physical imbalances.  
Functional medicine addresses symptoms as an extension of an underlying imbalance and seeks to address these issues with as natural approach as possible.  Often by addressing lifestyle factors, nutritional deficiencies and underlying hormonal imbalances many people can not only wean off prescriptions but they can feel better and improve their health.  
As a functional medicine practitioner I use the most up to date information on nutrition, toxins, and integrative healing to address your unique health problems and individualize a plan that helps you achieve your best health.