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Health is not defined by a number on the scale.  Fat obsession and fat phobia keep us trapped in a cycle of serial dieting that is actually making us sick.


A common misunderstanding of true health, beauty and body image has taken many of us on an endless cycle of yo yo dieting, wasted gym memberships, broken commitments and a spiraling sense of lower and lower self esteem.

Traditional diets and exercise programs have a one dimensional body image focus. A new way of thinking focuses on a balanced relationship with food, positive self esteem and developing tools to deal with the daily stress of our lives. 

Mind Body Functional Medicine is a real world scientific approach to overall health and fitness focused on how our bodies work, what we eat, what we do and what we think.

Going to sleep and staying asleep, feeling comfortable in our own skin, being happy and having fun are not unreasonable goals.  

The same old thinking will get you the same old results, perhaps it is time for a new way of thinking.


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We're being played and I'm pissed!

​​​Overly processed, sugar laden foods, our toxic environment and our stressful lifestyles are taking a toll on everyones health.  Autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalances and the incidence of pre-diabetes and type II diabetes are on the rise at epidemic rates.  

Insulin resistance and pre-diabetes are issues many of us don't realize we suffer from.  While weight is one risk factor other factors such as stress, poor diet, and unprecedented exposures to toxins are key factors as well.  To truly address this as well as other health issues we need to address the complex hormonal and metabolic balance that contribute to obesity, diabetes, chronic inflammation, autoimmune illnesses and chronic digestive problems.  

Western medicine is a disease based model that is geared towards symptom and disease management.  Many chronic conditions can be caught and with knowledge, support and lifestyle changes can be prevented and even reversed.   Functional and mind-body medicine are designed to do just that; empower you to practice Radical Self Care, take charge of your health, and achieve optimal health.

As a nurse trained in traditional medical model I believe there is a time and place for Western Allopathic medicine.  It does have it's limitations however.  It is limited in what in can do to prevent and treat chronic illnesses.   I combine my medical training and experience with a functional medicine approach that is oriented to health and reversing disease by optimizing the healthy function of your body systems. This approach helps prevent and reverse the advancement of diabetes, fatty liver, autoimmune illness, low testosterone, dementia, sleep disorders, autoimmune, poor digestive function and much more.

Radical self care is about you and empowering you to take charge of your health.  Through partnership, education, coaching and support we will work together to tailor the right program for your unique body. You will experience improvement in your digestive function, sleep patterns, liver function, headaches, joint discomfort, bloating, low energy, brain fog, food allergies, diet and your relationship  with food.

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